Postpartum Depression Plan

The United States Department of Health and Human being Services specified in 2008 that thirteen percent of women who deliver will deal with postpartum depression shortly after having their infants. Postpartum depression is a real illness and is more than the infant blues that many new mothers experience at some time after the birth of their youngster.

Postpartum depression and infant blues is a type of clinical depression, which normally occurs to women after giving birth. An estimate of 10 % of new mommies experience this sort of depression. The difference with postpartum and infant blues is that postpartum is the most serious case of baby blues and needs doctor attention and counseling. Baby blues happen right after giving birth and just last a couple of days. A new mommy can have an abrupt change in mood, sadness, loss of hunger. And on the other hand postpartum depression can occur anytime within the very first year after birth. The typical symptoms are despair, lack of energy, problem focusing, stress and anxiety, and feelings of a sense of guilt and worthlessness.

Postpartum Depression Continued

A woman who is experiencing need to know that she is not alone and feeling the way she does is not an indicator that she is a bad mama. Postpartum depression is an illness and is something that can be treated. New mamas who believe they may be struggling with postpartum depression should talk with a doctor immediately.

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